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About us

The Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid was created by means of Act 5/1985, as a public body covering areas of responsibility related to regular transport of passengers in the Madrid Region.

Our mission is to manage in a coordinated manner any public transport means and operating companies, with the purpose of developing a multi-mode public transport service system, based on important transport infrastructures, in which more than 5 million trips are made each day.

To that end, supply and demand are permanently monitored, thus ensuring the quality of service and a better attention to citizens, the result of our commitment to society, because We bring People together.

Furthermore, infrastructures and public transport services are planned, and we have an integrated fare system, which make the Madrid Region be a global benchmark.

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  • Metro
  • Autobuses urbanos de Madrid: EMT 
  • Suburban buses
  • Light Rail / Tram
  • Suburban Rail

Our Administrative Board is composed by representatives of the Madrid Region, adhered Municipalities, State Administration and different entities: private transport operators, trade unions or user and consumer associations.

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