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Suburban Rail

Manita De acuerdo con el Real Decreto-ley 11/2022, de 25 de junio y el Real Decreto-ley 14/2022, de 1 de agosto, durante el periodo comprendido entre el 1/9/2022 y 31/12/2022, Cercanías Renfe modifica sus tarifas, puede consultar toda la información aquí.

In addition to the Travel Pass for the most regular users, several non-personal tickets are available to travel on Suburban Rail network of the Madrid Region adapted to the user needs.

Travelling by Suburban Rail

Single ticket: Valid to make one trip within two hours after its issuance, any day of the week.

Roundtrip ticket: The price is equivalent to two single tickets. The return trip may be made within the zones of validity of the ticket; you do not necessarily have to do it in the opposite direction of the trip. The first trip is made within two hours after its issuance, while the return may be made during the following day of the ticket issuance.

Bonotren ticket: Valid for 10 trips during one month travelling around all Suburban Rail lines, except for C-9 line. The trip must be made within two hours after validation, and more than one user may use it simultaneously, as long as all users have the same origin-destination.

Monthly pass: This travel pass allows you to make two daily trips within a month from its first use.

Other valid tickets

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