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Accessible transport

The planning of universal accessibility at the Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid emerges from the extensive experience throughout the numerous actions executed over years.

That is why the transport interchanges, as well as Metro and Light Rail, Urban and Suburban Buses and suburban rail are equipped with the most advanced systems of accessibility, placing the Madrid Region public transport in the forefront of Europe in this sphere. For example, the average age of our light rail is 3 years, compared to 20-year of the same network in Brussels; and the average age of Madrid Metro trains is 12 years compared to 28 years for those in London.

Different photographs illustrating accessibility in the public transport in Madrid


Accessibility by means of transport

The 100% of the urban and suburban bus fleets, together the Light Rail network or the interchange stations are accessible. Go in here to the list of accessible Metro and Cercanías RENFE train stations:

Metro stations with accessibility
Surburban Rail stations with accessibility

New technologies at the service of accessibility

  • The public transport system of the Madrid Region has more than 300 Passenger Information Panels (PIP), providing real-time information to the user.
  • The CRTM customer service desk provide a video-interpretation online system and in real time, designed to communicate with deaf people.
  • The new Public Transport Card with contactless technology provides more comfort and easier access than the old magnetic band season tickets.
  • Implementation of the SIENA project (Spanish acronym for Audio Information Embedded System) to provide visual and audio information on board EMT urban buses of Madrid. This system provides useful information for all users, and in particular, people with visual impairment.
  • Institutional Web fully accessible: the CRTM has the purpose of providing full accessibility to its contents for elderly or disabled people. To that end, our website follows all guidelines to be compatible with applications that transmit the content of the website in audio format, including images description.
    More details of our accessible website.

Discount for disabled people

The CRTM makes possible the accessibility for people with reduced mobility to public transport services, providing economic advantages through two types of measures:

  • A 20% reduction in the price of all types of transport season tickets for people with a degree of disability equal or higher than 65%.
  • People with a minimum of 33% degree of disability may request the Blue Card, if they are registered in the municipality of Madrid, and having proof of an income lower than three times the IPREM (Spanish acronym for Public Income Indicator of Multiple Effects). This transport ticket allows them to travel on the Madrid Metro network (zone A), the Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid (EMT) and the Light Rail of Madrid.

CRTM accessibility awards

  • 2015 Accessible Madrid Award
    Prize awarded to the website of the CRTM for facilitate a completely universal access to its contents, whatever the navigator profile. The page includes information technology developments that shape the contents to different sensory needs, allowing people to choose between listening to the web, talking, or access the multimedia content using the keyboard.
  • 2012 ONCE-COAM Foundation Award for the “Accessible actions”
    ONCE Foundation, in collaboration with TEAM, has granted an award on the call for accessible actions to CRTM. This recognition awards to institutions that address accessibility in an exemplary manner, beyond strict regulatory compliance, showing that any type of building with great architectural interest should be built under the parameters of Design for All.
  • The 10th Anniversary 2009 PRODIS Award
    Committee of Entities Representing Disabled People of the Madrid Region (CERMI Comunidad de Madrid), on its 10th Anniversary granted the “10th Anniversary 2009 PRODIS Award” in the Entities category. It was a recognition for the work carried out on interchange stations and for its commitment with disabled people of the region.
  • 12th Universal Accessibility Awards - 1st Prize in Urban Category
    DFA Foundation (Spanish acronym for Physically Disabled People of Aragón) also granted in 2009, on the "Urban" category, its first award to the accessibility of transport interchange stations of the Madrid Region. It was a recognition of the work carried out regarding solutions implemented on accessibility matters.

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