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Light Rail/Tram

Since mid-2007, the Madrid Region has a light-rail network of 35.4 kilometers length. With 52 network-stations, the four lines existing at Madrid, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Boadilla del Monte and Parla, configure the territory and connect residential and business zones to other means of transport with a greater capacity.

Metro Ligero de Madrid platform

After the trams disappearance of Madrid in 1972, the modern light-rail incorporates accessibility and new technologies, as real-time information for users.

Three concessionary companies deal with light-rail services exploitation: Metros Ligeros de Madrid S.A. managing line ML1 (Pinar de Chamartín - Las Tablas). Metro Ligero Oeste S.A., for lines ML2 and ML3 (light-rail lines connecting the municipalities of Pozuelo de Alarcón and Boadilla del Monte with Madrid at Colonia Jardín station, on line 10 Metro) and finally, Tranvía de Parla S.A, operates the line ML4 (a circular line connecting different zones of the city with Parla station on line C-4 of Renfe Cercanías).

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