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Incidences management

In case of loss or theft, the user may request the locking of his/her card and a duplicate of it. The application can be processed by one of this two ways:

- In person, going to any of the Management Offices of the Public Transport Card with balance recovery service. It is essential that he/she comes with the ID. At the request of the interested party, the Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid will block the use of the card, once the status and balance of tickets contained in the lost or stolen card have been checking. The CRTM will issue a new card with the tickets contained on the missing card within the following five days.

If the user does not have tickets or waives the ones contained at the stolen card or lost, the card will be delivered to him on the spot. 

- Online, at, clicking on the "Robo/extravío sin recuperación de saldo" button. In this case, the card will be sent without charge to the user's address.

If the ticket loaded on the card is an Annual Pass, you can only request blocking and duplicate it in person.

  The new issuance of the card for loss or theft will cost EUR 6.00.

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