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Urban buses of Madrid: EMT

The city of Madrid has an excellent urban buses network, consisting of 203 lines covering a total length of 3,562 km and more than 10,172 bus stops-line, operating more than 1.5 million trips a day.

EMT urban bus

The 1,903-vehicle fleet has an average age of 6.6 years. All fleet buses are accessible, with low floor, unfolding ramp and lateral tilt system to facilitate access to people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs users.

Furthermore, the fleet consists of 791 buses powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), and 20 propelled by electric motors. The remaining 1,092 buses run on biodiesel.

The Madrid Municipal Transport Company (EMT) founded in 1947, is the public organization that operates the urban buses in the city of Madrid.

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