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Do I need an appointment to go to a Management Office?

It is necessary only when you request your Public Transport Personal Card for the first time. For any other related matter, you do not need make an appointment but it is recommended for ensuring you get the appropriate attention at the time you have requested it.

Where and when can I make the Public Transport Personal Card proceedings?

At our Public Transport Card Management Offices, within the time schedule indicated in the attached document. When applying for the Public Transport Personal Card for the first time, you must make an appointment. For any other related matter, we suggest that you make a new appointment to avoid unnecessary waits.

Can I consume my card's charge if during the period of validity, I turn the age that obliges me to change the user's profile?

If during the validity period of a 30-day recharge you go through one of these two circumstances:

  • You are 26 years old and your profile goes from Young to Normal
  • You turn 65 and your profile goes from Normal to Elderly

You can finish consuming your charge without having to pay any fare supplement. When you do the next charge, your card will automatically update your user profile and the corresponding fare will apply.

Where can I use the Public Transport Personal Card?

  • 30-days travel pass: available for all fare zones and for the Interzone travel pass. The zones E1 and E2 keep the magnetic format and one calendar month of validity.
  • Annual tickets: available for all fare zones and for Interzone travel pass, including E1 and E2 zones.

Loss or theft of the Public Transport Personal Card

In case of loss or theft, the user may request the locking of his/her card and a duplicate of it. The application can be processed by one of this two ways:

- In person, going to any of the Public Transport Card Management Offices with balance recovery service. The user must attach a responsible statement (get form here). It is essential that he/she comes with the original or a photocopy of the ID.

- Online, at, clicking on the "Duplicate due to theft / loss" button in the side menu.

At the request of the interested party, the Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid will block the use of the card, once the status and balance of tickets contained in the lost or stolen card have been checking. The CRTM will issue a new card with the tickets contained on the missing card within the following five days.

If the user waives the tickets contained at the stolen card or lost, he could go to any of the management offices of the Public Transport Card to request the issue of the new card.

  The new issuance of the card for loss or theft will cost EUR 6.00.

Card damage

The replacement of the damaged card is free of charge within the two-year of warranty, as long as any damage do not arise to its misuse.

  In case of any damage after the warranty period, the user could request a new card, but its issuance will cost EUR 6.00.

What documentation do I need to apply for my Public Transport Personal Card?

  • Printed form (only for applications at the management office).
  • A current photo, similar to a passport photo in terms of color and size (in the management office can the photo be taken in situ).
  • Original and photocopy of ID, passport or residence permit.
  • Documents (and their photocopy) for applicants who evidence special conditions or profiles (i.e. large family certificate or disability equal or higher than 65%).
  • Applicants under 14 years old without an ID document, a printed authorization of his/her parents/minors guardian; an original and photocopy of the Family Book or the birth certificate; and original and copy of the ID of his/her parents/guardian.
  • If the applicant is under 7 years and comes with someone other than his/her legal representative, he/she must submit an authorization signed by his/her parents or guardian.


I have requested my Public Transport Personal Card, but I have not received it yet

If the period of time to receive your Card has passed (about 7 to 15 working days), you can phone 012, send an email to with your full name, ID and application number or go to a management office (except EMT offices and Colonia Jardín or tobacco shops), indicating your full name, your ID number and that of the application form.

A duplicate of the Public Transport Personal Card will be made and the previous requested cancelled. The user can get PT Card immediately in the management offices, or by post to the user chosen address.

I have received my Public Transport Personal Card, but it contains incorrect data

If the Public Transport Personal Card has incorrect data (name or photo), you must go to any Public Transport Card Management Offices with your PT Card and your ID document so that we can make a new one. The agents will make any modification immediately and at no cost.

I want to change my user profile

If the personal profile for having the right to apply for special fares has changed (large families or disability equal or higher than 65%), user must go to a management office, and carrying the documentation that evidences the new circumstances. Then the card will be updated so that you can charge new tickets with the appropriate discount.

I have renewed my Large Family/Disability Certificate, but when I charge the Public Transport Personal Card the discount is not applied

If you have renewed your Large Family/Disability Certificate, you must update such information in your Card so that you can keep your 30-day ticket with the discount price. Therefore, you must make the update in person in any of the Public Transport Card Management Offices.

Besides your PT card, you must bring the Large Family/Disability Certificate (the original and a photocopy), as well as a valid ID document. The profile update is immediately made at no cost.

I want to request the Public Transport Personal Card for my child who is under 14 year old, but he does not have ID

To obtain a new PT card, you must have a valid ID card. In the case of children under 14 years old with no ID card, there is available an exceptional proceeding: parents/guardians must fill in and sign a request Card form for children under 14 years old without ID card.

This document must be accompanied by a birth certificate or photocopy of the Family Book or ID of the guardian, who will become responsible for the correct use of the PT card.

If you request an appointment to obtain the Public Transport Card for a child who does not have DNI, remember that the day of the appointment will have to go with him to the management office to process it.

In case of incident with the card, the minor must be accompanied by his tutor and the family book so that they can be attended in the offices. You can also go only the tutor with the family book, without it is necessary for the child to go.

I want a charge payment receipt, or a bill of my Annual Card

Public Transport Personal Card bills must be requested in person at the CRTM offices, by presenting both the ID card as Public Transport Card, getting the bill at the time.

  • Address: Plaza Descubridor Diego de Ordás, 3 - 28003 Madrid
  • Customer service: From 8 AM to 20 PM from Monday to Friday

I cannot access to public transports with my Public Transport Personal Card

When a validation equipment does not allows the access with the new Public Transport Card, the operating company must identify the possible cause. Otherwise, the operator will notify the user a management office to determine the cause of the problem and act consequently. In no case, the operator could request the user the card charge receipt to solve the problem.

What should I do if I have a problem with the contactless Public Transport Tourist Card?

To solve any problem with the Public Transport Tourist Card you may have please, contact a management office, except the EMT and Light Rail ones (see public opening hours here).

I want to change my personal information from the card (phone, address, email)

To change any of the personal data contained in your card, please, contact any management office to inform of changes, being your card updated at the time.

This proceeding is different to those like zone changes or profile changes contained in problem management of this web.


Important: In case of incidents related with the Public Transport Personal Card, the user must provide any document that proving his identity (ID card, passport or residence authorization) at the time of going to the Management Office, either to report the case or collect a PT Card. When the user has no ID documents due a robbery, he must provide the report of theft, made to the police.


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