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How to use it?

To use the card, you must charge transport ticket valid and that corresponds to the journey to be carried out. The validation is mandatory in the readers marked in the access equipment of the different operators.

Up to three different tickets can be charged on the same card.

See more details on the operation of the card

The card must be presented to the reader, who will deduct one trip at each validation, informing the screens of the validation equipment of the remaining travel balance.


Card with charge and recharge of a bonobús of zone A-B2, realizes the third validation; the screen will inform you that there are 17 trips available.

As many consecutive validations can be made as travelers use the service with the same card, with the sole condition that travelers must remain with the cardholder.

In case you have loaded a Travel Pass and be within the area concerned, the validation machine will first read the Travel Pass and if a consecutive validation is performed, a trip of the other ticket (if also valid for that zone) will be deducted on the card.


Card with a charge of a Travel Pass A and a Metrobús ticket. If validated twice consecutively, the machine will first read the Travel Pass A and in the second validation will deduct a trip from the Metrobús ticket and the screen will inform you of the remaining trips on the card.

If the Travel Pass charged on the card does not correspond to the fare zone, a trip of the charged ticket corresponding to that zone will be deducted.


Card charged with a Travel Pass A and a bonobus from zone B1. If the trip is made in a locality of zone B1 (Alcobendas, for example), a trip of bonobús B1 will be deducted and the screen will inform of the trips available.


Profile changes

With the new card, you do not need to buy a new card when the user profile changes. The changes from Young Travel Pass to Regular Travel Pass, and from these towards Elderly Travel Pass will be automatically updated when you enter the card in any machine of the recharge network. (For example, when a user of a Young Travel Pass turns 26 years old, his profile will automatically change into Regular at the time he inserts it in any of the recharge machines).

If the special discount conditions (large family or disability) will change, the user shall go with the new status documentation (Certificate of large family or certificate of disability equal or higher than 65%) to any management office, where his card will be updated without buying a new one.

Zone changes

When a user needs to change the zone during the 30 days of validity of a travel pass, he/she can do it in:

And in the following cases:

  • Change zone to other with higher price: The user must pay the difference between the two zonal fares. The price difference will be applied to full charges, regardless of the number of days the card has been used.
  • Change an interzonal pass to other interzonal pass with the same price: The user can make this change without cost.

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