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General aspects

As to the advantages of the new Public Transport Personal Card, it is worth mentioning that now the card travel pass has a validity period of 30 calendar consecutive days instead of monthly, thanks to the new incorporated technology. This allows users to plan its purchase in accordance with their needs that means significant savings.

Moreover, this card has large advantages as to security. It stores all the information in a central server so that if a user reports that it has been lost or stolen, this card is cancelled and a new one issued, avoiding potential fraudulent uses, allowing the user to recover the missing card information.

Besides, this card enables the access to different means of transport by bringing it closer to the reader, there is no need to make contact, which is an important improvement as to speed and comfort for users.

A change in the profile of the user or in the price zone of the travel pass does not require a new card issue. Likewise, all options of interzone travel passes are possible for all user profiles, including those who have tickets with discounts.

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