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General aspects

The Multi Cards can contain up to three non-personal tickets.

This allows:

  • To use the same card for different persons and different trips.
  • To pay the trip to other passengers sharing same trip.
  • To contain other tickets for trips different than usually.


  • Single ticket MetroSur + 10-trip ticket Metrobús + 10-trip ticket MetroNorte
  • Bonobús A-B3 + Metrobús
  • Bonobús B2 + 10-trips tickets MetroSur

Manita Important: the single tickets from the Metro network, once loaded in any card, must be validated the date of acquisition.

Exceptions to the simultaneous loading of tickets

Different types of bonobus tickets can be loaded in the same card provide that these tickets are corresponding to diverse zones.


  • Bonobús A-B3 + BonoBús B3: It’s not possible.
  • Bonobús A-B1 + Bonobús B2-B3: It’s possible.

Partial payment for route extension

When a bonobus ticket does not cover the entire trip you wish to make, a complement must be request, paying the difference.

Tickets not available in the Multi Card

  • Single tickets for urban and suburban buses, which will keep being acquired on board at the time of the trip.
  • The owned tickets of Parla Tram (single-tickets and 10-trips tickets).
  • The special 10-trips tickets from Fuenlabrada EMT.
  • The owned tickets of Madrid suburban railway – Renfe Cercanías (single-tickets, round trips tickets, bonotren and monthly travel passes).

Large families and Persons with disabilities

These users should have a personal TTP Card, under the same conditions of coexistence described above for different kind of tickets.

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