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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid undertakes different acts as part of our commitment to the society, according to the promotional slogan "unimos Personas" (we bring People together). This work has been recognized with different awards.

Our focus is customer-oriented, following a line of action based on three main pillars: service information, promotion of use of public transport, and diffusion of actions carried out in the scope of corporative social responsibility.

Furthermore, we maintain a strong commitment with the environmental protection and the health of the Madrid citizens, by promoting a public transport supply that reduce transport environmental externalities (e.g., greenhouse gas emissions) and ensures resource optimization, especially the energy sources.

We are active members of the most important international associations of public transport, participating in numerous events related to this area. Likewise, the experience of the CRTM attracts every year many delegations from all over the world, which are interested in knowing about the integrated management system of the Madrid public transport.

We have signed several agreements with the purpose of promoting dissemination and good practices in public transport, as well as specialized training in this matter, that comprises several reference publications.

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