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Fare Zones

There are 8 fare zones in the public transport system, 6 of them in the Madrid Region and 2 in Castilla-La Mancha.

Each ticket must always be used within its validity zone. Each zone includes the previous ones, that is to say, a Travel Pass for B2 zone may be used in A, B1 and B2 zones, except for interzone travel passes B1-B2, B2-B3, B3-C1 and C1-C2, exclusively valid for the loaded zones in the card.

Mapa con las zonas tarifarias de transportes de la comunidad de Madrid Zona A Zona B1 Zona B2 Zona B3 Zona C1 Zona C2 Zona E1 Zona E2

Zones of Madrid Region

  • Metro: Between the stations included in this zone
  • Buses: All the EMT lines and the following lines of concessionary companies: Plaza de Isabel II-Glorieta de los Cármenes (PRISEI) and Madrid-El Pardo-Mingorrubio (ALACUBER).
  • Renfe Suburban Railway: Between stations included in this zone
  • Light Rail: Line ML1: Pinar de Chamartín-Las Tablas

Zones of Castilla-La Mancha

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