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Children Travel Card

The Children Travel Card is a free card being aimed for population aged 4, 5 and 6 years. During the card validity period, which extends until the date in which children turn seven years of age, it can be used in all the Madrid Region public transport services.


Kids Card

Current users of PTT

Children who already have the Public Transport Card may replace it in any card management office, by previous appointment at 012 or on line through Users will receive the new card immediately and will deliver the old one.

New users

New users have three ways to request the card:

· Tobacco shops and other sale authorized points
· Management offices (by previous appointment)

In the first case, the users will receive the card by post mail to the address indicated in the application form in about 7 days; one month if the card is requested in a tobacco shop or other sale authorized point. In the third case, the card shall be provided on the spot.

Documentation required

  • One Recent passport size color photograph (it is not necessary when applicants are visiting the management offices).
  • Original and photocopy of ID card, passport or Foreigners' Identity Number (NIE) of the holder and the person representing him.
  • Original and photocopy of the Family Book in case of lack of the holder's identity document.
  • Application form (to be provided at the management office)

Terms of use

Users and holders of a Public Transport Card who decide to replace it in a management office will receive the new card at the time and ready to be used.

Users who receive the card at home must activate it before the initial use in any of the transport means. This operation can be performed in the automatic machines at Metro stations, tobacco shops and authorized sale points.


This card is free. In case of renewal for theft reasons, loss or any damage different of the causes covered by the warranty, the card will cost €6.

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