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Large Families Travel Pass

A reduced-fare Travel Pass for users that belong to Large Families:

  • General Category: 20% discount
  • Special Category: 50% discount

This transport ticket expires in the same month and year that the document certifying the status of Large Family.

If the large family document expires during the travel pass validity, the holder could keep using his transport ticket. To continue having discounts for large family, the holder will certify the renovation of such document by proving the large family status in a Management offices of the Public Transport Card.

Application and Recharge

To request the Travel Pass for large families, you must go to any of the Management offices of the Public Transport Card and present the required documents

With the new Public Transport Card, you can recharge your tickets in the automatic teller machines of Metro or in any authorized tobacco shop.

Users of the Travel Pass for zones E1 and E2 will buy the pertinent coupon in any authorized tobacconist shop.


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